Yonder window theatre company

Yonder window Theatre Company is dedicated to the exploration of cross-cultural and social relationships. Through the use of interdisciplinary performative arts, we use community as culture to create innovative and relevant productions that explore the universal themes of the human experience both domestically and abroad.

Exploration and Exchange

YWTC is a platform for cultural conversations and exchange. Committed to connecting with artists around the world, laboratory exploration is the infrastructure in which we build productions. As the discussion and research begins, our artists work to unapologetically expose how culture clash and globalization affects our universal humanistic themes.

yonder |ˈyändər|

adverB. archaic or dialect at some distance in the direction indicated; over there: there's a ford south of here, about nine miles yonder.     det. archaic or dialect that or those (used to refer to something situated at a distance): what light through yonder window breaks?    noun. (the yonder) the far distance: attempting to fly off into the wild blue yonder.