Yonder Window Theatre Company

Yonder Window Theatre Company is dedicated to enriching and exploring cross cultural and social relationships. Through the use of inter-disciplinary art we strive to explore community as culture to create innovative and relevant productions that speak to the elements of our humanity.

A world class production of three countries, one vision.

     The Dream Project is a collaboration between North American artists from Mexico, United States and Canada.  Shakespeare’s ageless tale will be deconstructed and reinvented into an immersive, bilingual and multidisciplinary piece that will have audiences enchanted with the folklore of this cultural celebration.


Artist's exchange

Yonder Window is dedicated to connecting with artists around the world. Collaborating with local Mexican artisans in every aspect of The Dream Project (costumes, scenery, music, dance, etc.) YWTC is a platform for cultural conversations and exchange. Yonder Window will arrange for another performance within the United States in order to provide and promote a dynamic and comprehensive cultural exchange for all performers.