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Yonder Window Theatre Company is dedicated to enriching and exploring cross cultural and social relationships. Through the use of inter-disciplinary art we strive to explore community as culture to create innovative and relevant productions that speak to the elements of our humanity.



New York:



Carole DiTosti:  “This enlightening production’s currency is chilling.” 

“It is a superb, striking must-see, for its acting and the apt shepherding by its director and the fine assistance of the design team.” 

“A story that is being revealed about an artistic giant who is still ahead of her time.” 

“Romy Nordlinger has crafted a fascinating account of the glamorous, forward-thinking theater and silent screen star Alla Nazimova.” 

“In Nordlinger’s presentation of this marvelous women’s evolution form poverty to glory and back to obscurity once more, we witness some of the most nefarious issues of our time.” 

“Nordlinger, who portrays Nazimova, with stylized graze and aplomb” 

“It is here that Nazimova’s story makes a sharp right into our present day.” 

“It is in aligning the past with the present that this production PLACES is its most trenchant, vital, and significant for our time.” 

“PLACES is a clarion call for us never to give up, despite injustices which threaten to destroy men and women alike.” 


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HIGH DRAMA - JULY 24, 2017

Eva Heinemann: “This show will appeal to everyone on so many levels as she was the ultimate outsider being a Jewish gay woman in the early 20th century and yet she was able for a time to achieve fame and power for a while.” 

Mark Savitt: "Romy Nodlinger's text is informative and exciting, and her acting conveys the power and vivacity of Nazimova.” 

“This is another great one-woman show about a beautiful, smart, and strong woman who achieved success in Broadway and Hollywood.” 

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Tami Shaloum: “[Nordlinger] portrays the actress as a seductive hedonist with unmatched confidence and decadent proclivities.” 

“Places is not just a story about a forgotten actress, it’s about how being a strong, powerful woman in business can be dangerous.” 

“Nazimova’s story is not a cautionary one but an inspirational one.” 

“Places makes sure you know that Alla Nazimova regrets nothing.” 

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Susan Hall: “..a surprising and moving evening of theater.” 

“...a tour-de-force solo performance by Romy Nordlinger.”  

“Nordlinger is glamorous and bright as Nazimova, yet she captures her sensitivity and grit as well.” 

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Darryl Reilly: "...an expertly presented biographical solo show about “The most famous star you’ve never heard of.”" 

"...a striking visual setup." 

"Romy Nordlinger gives a magnetic performance as Alla Nazimova..." 

"With skillful comic timing, slight Russian inflections and emotional range, she enacts the life story of the performer who was once widely celebrated and then faded into relative obscurity." 

"Director Katie McHugh’s staging is a lively blend of the technical aspects and finely choreographed movements..." 

"Nick T. Moore’s sound design adds an ethereal dimension..." 

"Highly informative and entertaining..." 

"...Places succeeds both as a showcase for Romy Nordlinger’s considerable talents as well as restoring Nazimova to the public consciousness." 

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Marina Kennedy: “…an outstanding production…” 

“an important piece of theatre that will touch the minds and hearts of viewers.” 

“Romy Nordlinger is brilliant in the role of Alla Nazimova.” 

“She brings her character to life and captures the passion, the drama, and the humor of the spirited actress.” 

“…inspirational, a beautifully honest portrayal of a talented woman who was a true trailblazer for the LGBT community.” 

“Compliments all around to the team that brings Places to the stage.” 

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New York Theatre Review - August 3, 2017

Evan Caccioppoli: "Nordlinger brings us into Nazimova’s life and introduces is to the many different people both good and bad that have shaped who she is. In her play by allowing Nazimova to play out all the different characters in her life instead of the actor doing it, we as any audience are shown the great storyteller Alla was. With a twinkle in her eye and a smile always at the corner of her mouth we are being let in on the secret, which makes this solo piece so exciting.”

“In allowing her Alla Nazimova to talk directly to her audience we are part of a conversation of her life story instead of just being spoken to which makes Nazimova more relatable.”

“Directed with a light touch Katie McHugh, PLACES moves easily through its hour-long running time.”

“McHugh never allows Nazimova to lose the passion in the conversation she is having with her audience, which lets us stay with her for the whole journey.”

“Adams Burns wonderfully video design perfectly highlight Nazimova’s story and put us back into the silent movie houses at the birth of Hollywood.”

“Nick T. Moore’s musical underscore and sound design create a backdrop that does not overpower the story but flows in tune with it.”

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The List - August 16, 2017

Sean Greenhorn: "It is remarkable that a legacy such as Alla Nazimova's can become so buried that, a century later, many attending this biographical show will question if it is fiction or fact.”

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Arts Fringes - August 20, 2017

Evan Popplestone: “… a powerhouse performance…”

“The play makes effective use of multimedia…”

“… a compelling and informative hour…”

“…this impressive production is well worth catching…”

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The Reviews Hub - August 20, 2017

Tom Ralphs: “…a fascinating account…”

“Accompanying video footage that includes denunciations of homosexuality from, amongst others, Donald Trump and Margaret Thatcher shows why there is more at stake today than just restoring Nazimova to her place in Hollywood history.”

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Fringe Review - August 18, 2017

Donald Stewart: “… a solo show that is intriguing and beguiling…”

“The themes of the times are well imagined…”

“…a magnificent piece of acting…”

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