Katie McHugh has been working as a director/producer in San Miguel de Allende since 2013 when her production of The List opened the first International Fringe Festival San Miguel. The following year she produced and directed Waiting for Goddreau preceded by Shut up Kathleen at the Santa Ana Theatre.  This year she produced two productions: Enemy, an adaptation of Ibsen’s Enemy of the People, co-produced with The Players Workshop Theatre, directed by Emmy award winner Dorothy Lyman. And Where Was I? starring Karen Ludwig, both at the San Miguel Playhouse. She also taught a three-day Shakespeare workshop called Interpreting the Bard as part of the third annual Fringe San Miguel.  Her love and passion for the city of San Miguel and the Mexican culture drives her to her next international production of The Dream Project, her Shakespearean expertise coupled with her vision as a director will no doubt be a powerful combination for this World Class Production.

FRINGE San Miguel 2015

Waiting for Goddreau preceded by Shut Up Kathleen

by: Sebastian David

Translated by: Chantal Bilodeau
Directed by: Katie McHugh
Starring: Sofi Lambert, Miguel Govea and Stephen Girasuolo
Light Design by: Robin A. Paterson
co-producer / production manager: Tamara Geisler
Stage Manager: Dave Loncle

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FRINGE San Miguel 2013

THe list

Written by: Jennifer tremblay
Translated by: Shelley Tepperman
Directed By: Katie McHugh
Starring: Sofi Lambert
Produced by: Vincent D arbouze

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