Yonder Window Theatre Company

Yonder Window Theatre Company is dedicated to enriching and exploring cross cultural and social relationships. Through the use of inter-disciplinary art we strive to explore community as culture to create innovative and relevant productions that speak to the elements of our humanity.



The Dream Project is a collaboration between North American artists from Mexico, United States and Canada. In the this project SHAKESPEARE'S ageless tale of A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM is DECONSTRUCTED and REINVENTED into a multilingual, multidisciplinary spectacle of the current cultural climate between our countries. Complete with original music, dance and aerial choreography, Spanish, French and English text and cutting edge design, The Dream Project encompasses the most compelling art forms of North American culture.



Industry Play Reading at Shetler Studios & Theatres


Drew and Andrea love each other, but when their chronically ill son takes a turn for the worse the fractures in their relationship deepen. When Drew meets Shayla and Tyler, an attractive Manhattanite and her healthy son he sees the life he's always wanted and becomes stuck in a lie that could cost him everything. Jasper takes you into a family on the brink of death and infidelity, asking how far would you go to have the life you want?

Abigail Hawk (Blue Bloods)

Hisham Tawfiq (The Blacklist)

Jessica Pimentel (Orange is the New Black)

The New York Teen Shakespeare Intensive, a young actor training program of Yonder Window Theatre Company, delves deeply into Shakespeare’s works, characters, and language through a progressive program of physical movement training and character development techniques to prepare young actors, ages 15-19, with the fundamentals required for university and the professional acting arena. By introducing students to Yonder Window Theatre Company’s performative aesthetic, the New York Teen Shakespeare Intensive trains a young actor’s voice and body, while allowing students to explore their intellects and imaginations. Core faculty as well as Master Teachers and Guest Teaching Artists will participate in the training over the three-week period.